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"Sueños Tango" (tango dreams), CRANBROOK BC
August 16, 2018

Editors - Dennis & Sharlene Parker
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  • Dancing outside of yourself
  • Fall clases announced
  • what to wear in class
  • Christy Cote in Calgary

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Going outside of yourself

"is this what flying feels like?"

Ok, I would be lying if I said that learning to tango is like flying but there really are a number of similarities to "aviation ground school".

First of all, there are rules. I don't mean you should dance tango using a pattern of steps. We teach you things like balance and how to walk and connect with your partner. Then we give you steps that are "words" that will become part of your tango vocabulary.Then you use this "tango vocabulary" to speak tango with partner and with the music

"and then... LIFTOFF "

None of this will happen during the fist wek of learning, or even the second. Learning to dance like this is a procss requiring much practice but once you get your first taste of dancing outside yourself, you will want more. It is rather like the "Holy Grail of tango ".

tango euphoria


"don't worry what everybody else is doing "

Sure you can learn from others, even from their mistakes. If striving to be better than someone else is your only goal, then you are going to miss the whole point of dancing Tango

When watching really experienced dancers, often you will see the lady dancing "eyes closed" as she and her partner move magically around the dance floor. Everything external has been closed out and only the connection and the moment exist. Sounds almost spooky but that is what it means to go outside yourself as you dance Tango.

Dennis & Sharlene


Tango Music from Budapest, Hungary

Planning Ahead

Fall Classes Start September 19

  • Super affordable and taylored for begionner and intermediate dancers. If you already know your "ABC" we will teach you the "DEF" of Tango and once again, classes we be held at the back room of East Side Mario's in Cranbrook.

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How to dress for class

This an informal dance class. Slacks or informal skirt for the ladies and jeans or even coveralls if that's what you liks for the guys

Footwear is a bit more particular. Guys, leather or neoprene soles work best on the East Side Mario floor. . . rubber sticks when turning. Ladies, soles the same as the guys, just not as fancy as the photo. Even a modest heel will improve your dancing form and foot placement.

Who On Earth is Christy Cote?

  • September 26-30 in Calgary, Beso de Tango Dance Club will be sponsoring our good friend and instructor, Christy Cote. Much has been written and spoken about Christy as a tango instructor but here is our "condensed comment"

    "Christie was not our first tango instructor, but our secoond and we seem to run into her in many places we travel. We can say conclusively that everyone in her class always exceeds their personal best as they learn Argentine Tango". Howzat?



Private lessons continue to be available on request. Call (250) 426-9452 or email for information.