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"Sueños Tango" (tango dreams), CRANBROOK BC
December 09, 2018

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Dumpster Diving and The Lost Connection

Just look around. With the possible exception of Cranbrook, tango is burgeoning in popularity and Tangueros are seemingly popping out of the woodwork. Is it no surprise that the number of Tango instructors is also on the increase?

Dumpster Diving: the active search for interesting stuff that others have thrown away.

Our tango home and tango family is in the Coeur d'Alene/Spokane area of the inland northwest. When our good friend George Minas began organizing tango workshops in 2005, There were very few, if any, who could dance tango but many, like ourselves, were hopeful.

We wrote in april about
" The Connection "

April's newsletter was a summary of our feelings about the "Tango Connection". I wrote about quietness, about listening and about giving and receiving. Now, let us consider one more less obvious aspect of the connection; "the connection with other dancers".

let us dare for a moment to extrapolate this idea past the dance floor and out into the tango community.

The struggle for pre-eminence

Sharing what you have with someone who has less can be a rewarding experience but there is a counterfeit reward, an imposter if you will, waiting to sweep over us. I speak of that nice warm feeling you get when people say nice things to you and promote you to a place of prestige and recognition. This sets one apart from the whole community and a connection is lost.

This is what I see happening, not only in the Inland Northwest where we bagan our tango journey but in other centers both large and small.

  • Tango schools open and tango schools close
  • Some Tango dancers stop dancing
  • Some Dancers improve
  • Many dancers migrate between schools but you see the same dancers at the milongas.
The Tango should not be a competition. We will stand with those who refuse to compete and endeavour to maintain our connection!

Inevitably, both new and established schools of tango are finding themselves in "competition mode" and a struggle to maintain or improve their status. Off to the side are those who continue to teach but refuse to wade into the struggle for pre-eminence. Caught in the middle of all this, torn between loyalty to the Maestro and a fear that his or her old teacher may be out of date, is the Tanguero, the person who simply wants to Tango.

If you might have lost this connection, don't be too proud to look
in the dumpster where you left it!



Tango Music from Budapest, Hungary

Planning Ahead

New Year Classes

  • We have a confirmed venue for our new year classes. This 8 week series will be held on the hardwood floor at "The Studio". Address is 11, 11 Ave S in Cranbrook. Whoopie!

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Pretty Tango Feet AKA embellishments

  • As followers in the Tango Dance, many of us have drooled over the beautiful patterns that professional and exprienced followers display during the Tango.

    Are these important in the Tango?
    Is there a purpose for these movements?
    Are they difficult to learn?

The answers to the above questions are yes, yes, & no.

Why do them? Well, here are some reasons for pretty embellishments.

  1. They give the dance a look of competency, strong movement and control
  2. They bring a balanced connection to both dancers.
  3. They provide "fill in" time during the dance, allowing for the leader to feel the rythm of the music, the direction in the dance and to make decisions on his next pattern.
  4. They draw attention to the rythm and movement
  5. They are not hard to learn but must be placed in the proper context of the music, movement and patterns.

And finally, these embellishments give the follower time to shine and to show off those pretty shoes.


Christmas Offer

Suenostango special Christmas Offer

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Private lessons continue to be available on request. Call (250) 426-9452 or email for information.