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"Sueños Tango" (tango dreams), CRANBROOK BC
February 1, 2018

Editors - Dennis & Sharlene Parker
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"No Mistakes In The Tango Darling"
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Ricardo: What did you think about the tango in the movie scent of a woman?

Dennis: They almost danced a tango.

Ricardo: Yes, you are right!

(from a converssation with Ricardo Pacheco of Tango Bar Kelowna}


Tango Music from Budapest, Hungary

Are There Mistakes in Tango?

tango, a right way and a wrong way

In this dance, as in life, there is always a way to turn a wreck into something beautiful. No doubt, the way we dance tango is personal... very personal. So, if there is no wrong way to dance tango, why do we take dance classes?

Every tanguero hears and interprets music differently but regardless of style, here are just two things tango dancers should have in common.



Precession- a kind of wobble when a body rotates about it's axis
Remember This? The earth wobbles as it rotates

This is ok for single bodies but what about your partner? This can be really confusing to the person you are dancing with (lead or follow). If you wobble when you turn or rotate, try to stay on your own axis and don't lean into your turns.


"this isn't war, this is tango "

Cranbrook Tango

A leader needs to be aware of his partner's center as well as his own. He (she) also needs to know where the follower's feet are at all times. The follower must be confident that there is space for their feet when they are placed. If things go badly for this or any other reason, the noble thing is to accept the responsibility and do you best to never do it again.

Even when dancing "open embrace", we should lead and follow from the heart.

Dennis & Sharlene

Planning Ahead

Tango Milonguero in Nelson

    • Liz Haight is returniing to Nelson courtesy of Heather Grant. This is part 2 of the Milonguero Tango series. You can check Wikipedia for an en-depth comparison of this close embrace tango to other styles. Full details of this event on the home page of


Wallflower Tango week 4

    • It is not too late to join us at East Side Mario's in Cranbrook. Give us a call, then just show up

    Full info and course syllabus here

The weekend tango workshop from 'Cranbrook Dance Connection", conducted by Heather from Nelson has been moved to May. Still no specifics

Private lessons continue to be available on request. Call (250) 426-9452 or email for information.