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cranbrook tango

"Sueños Tango" (tango dreams), CRANBROOK BC
March 4, 2018

Editors - Dennis & Sharlene Parker
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  • The Tango Connection
  • Planning ahead:: Invermere Tango
  • Feature video: its about walking

Feature Video
"Lots of walking, not so much the eight count basic "
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This Really Happened.

After exiting a late night New Age Milonga in Buenos Aires, Sharlene and I climbed into an already waiting taxi. As we drove, the following conversation evolved.

Driver: you like to tango yes?

Dennis: absolutely!

Driver: you dance to the old masters yes?

Dennis: I really like Astor Piazolla

Driver brakes abruptly in the middle of 6 lanes of traffic, digs out a booklet on places to dance "real tango" and points to Lujos, the milonga featured in video above.

Driver: you should go here

Dennis: it's getting quite late and we have been dancing for hours already

Driver then takes a detour and stops in front of Salon Canning.

Driver: you go here

Dennis: We really are quite tired, please just take us to our apartment.

After droopping us off, our driver then sat outside of our apartment for almost 15 minuites waiting for us to change our mind and go to a "real milonga". Too funny!

The Tango Connection

john and michellehow long does it take to make a connection?
answer: "as long as it takes"

"we begin every lesson by walking"

We even introduce an 8 count basic pattern, but this is only a tool to help in learning connection. This is not the real dance. These basic moves are only vowels and sounds that we put together to speak the language of tango and they are can be used at any time and in any order.

"Tango is not a race: there is no finish line "

One of our favourite exercises in tango class is a simple contest to see which couple can complete the basic pattern the smoothest and the slowest. LAST COUPLE TO FINISH IS THE WINNER!

siimpler is better
Beginners want to dance like intermediates; intermediates want to dance like advanced dancers; advanced dancers want to dance like the greats; but
the greats always go back to basics

Dennis & Sharlene


Tango Music from Budapest, Hungary

Planning Ahead

Tango in Invermere?

    • Our good friends and students Paul and Emise are stoked to make tango happen in the Invermere district They have been busy recruiting interested couples for a special tango introduction evening which we will be pleased to attend in Invermere. Just a few more couples and we will be ready. If you know of anyone in Invermere/Windermere area who might be interested in starting a tango group, please e-mail us at


Wallflower Tango week 8

    • LAST NIGHT of this lesson series at East Side Mario's in Cranbrook happens Tuesday March 6. Give us a call, then just show up.

    Full info and course syllabus here


The weekend tango workshop from 'Cranbrook Dance Connection", conducted by Heather from Nelson has been moved to May. Still no specifics

Private lessons continue to be available on request. Call (250) 426-9452 or email for information.