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Cranbrook, British Columbia

cranbrook tango

"Sueños Tango" (tango dreams), CRANBROOK BC
March 1, 2019

Editors - Dennis & Sharlene Parker
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  • What's ahead for Sueños Tango
  • April workshop iin Nelson
  • Feature video:
  • Salsa in Kimberley
  • Tango Uprising

Feature Video
"The Heart of Tango "
If he pauses, she will steal the dance


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Helena Tango Uprising
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Connections in Tango - the music

Cranbrook Tango

What he hears vs what she hears

Cranbrook Tango, something for everyone

When we dance, there should be
something for him and for her

Dancing by yourself?

If there is to be an actual "Tango Conversation" between two people, it follows that they cannot both speak at the same time. Hence. . . the silencio. He speaks, she speaks

Don't worry, the music will tell you what to say. After only a couple of lessons, even new students are feeling what the music is saying as they walk

And. . .

we will dance with you to help you make this transition

Absolutely we do!

Sharlene and Dennis are constantly moving between couples to dance with them and to give them a feel for moving to the music and exactly how to execute their steps.

Watching our students dance is our greatest reward

Dennis & Sharlene


Tango Music from Budapest, Hungary

April Classes

New Students

  • New students will first learn to walk. Already know how to walk? Come and show us.

    Then, they will learn to walk to the music.

    Ohh look, they are dancing.

Returning Students

  • The focus of our April classes will be "listening to the music" (musicality) and the tango conversation between leader and follower.

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Latin dance Nites

Centre 64 Kimberley - we are going

Nelson Workshop

  • Julia Gorin and Jonatan are returning to Nelson in April for a funtastic week of tango workshops and milongas. for complete details e-mail. . .

Private lessons continue to be available on request.
Call (250) 426-9452 or email for information.