cranbrook tango
Of Tango in
Cranbrook, British Columbia

cranbrook tango

"Sueños Tango" (tango dreams), CRANBROOK BC
Spring/Summer, 2019

Editors - Dennis & Sharlene Parker
(250) 426-9452


  • Cookie cutter tango
  • Wind-up party
  • Dancing in the park (Cranbrook)
  • Feature video:

Feature Video
"Tango from Brussels "
Juana Sepúlveda y Carlitos Espinoz


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Why Tango is different . . .

Cranbrook Tango

The Tango happens between the steps

Close Tango in Cranbrook

Two of our students seemed unable to dance close with their bodies touching. We asked them to dance with their eyes closed and listen only to the music. Immediately they came together and they began to dance the tango.

We teach lead and follow, not patterns,

Beginners Tango, Cranbrook

Experience the Lure of Tango

If you are looking for a really different dance where you can dance feelings and emotions, not just steps, this dance is for you.

Like any dance, the Tango is not for everyone

The Tango "is" for anyone who;

- listens intently to their favourite music
- thinks and feels deeply
- has lived through life and faced it's challenges
- is a bit of a perfectionist
- Is or has been in love

we will dance with you to help you experience this dance

Absolutely we will!
Sharlene and Dennis are constantly moving between couples to dance with them and to help them express themselves through the music and their steps.

Watching our students dance is our greatest reward

Dennis & Sharlene


Tango Music from Budapest, Hungary

Last class and wind-up party

Tuesday May 21/2019

  • We are inviting all of our students past and present as well as any dancers who have tasted the Tango and would like to experience the atmosphere of an evening of Argentine tango. Please join us for 2 hours of freindship and tango. NO LESSONS TONIGHT, ONLY DANCING! Bring Snacks! 250 426-9452 for more info

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Dancing in the Park

Along with Randy and Kim of Cranbrook Dance Connection, we will be presenting an Argentine Dance demonstration during this year's "Summer Sounds in Rotary Park. Tango music to be proivided by the Gabriel Palachi Trio,

dancing in the poark
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Private lessons continue to be available on request.
Call (250) 426-9452 or email for information.