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Tango For "Tango" Virgins
  • Beginning Oct 24/17- A 6 week course for beginning and intermediate Tango Dancers
  • Venue - EAsst Side Mario's, Cranbrook BC.
  • Tuition - $30 per person (sorry, we are unable to refund for incomplete classes)
  • Each Class is 1.5 hour long beginning at 7:00 pm. with .5 hour practice time to follow
  • By the completion of this course, you will be able to dance simple Tango on the social dance floor.
  • The music used in this course will be downloadable from this web site.
  • Special Milonga to b e announced.

contact Dennis or Sharlene Parker (250) 426-9452

Course Syllabus (what you will learn)

Week One
  1. introduction to tango music and the tango walk
  2. the 8 count basic including...
  3. Walk to the cross
Week Two
  1. Review/Tango Talk
  2. Introduction to lead and follow
  3. Parallel and Cross mode.
  4. Back Ocho (figure eight)
Week Three
  1. Review/Tango Talk
  2. More on lead and follow
  3. Back Boleo with Spiral Cross
  4. Molinette (windmill)
Week Four
  1. Review
  2. Front Ocho (figure eight)
  3. Ganchos (hooks)
Week Five
  1. Review
  2. Sacadas (displacement)
  3. Paradas (stop)
Week Six
  1. Review
  2. Turns and Dancing in a crowded environment
  3. Musicality and improvisation (when should I dance which steps)